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This section of the website offers helpful tips and advice, if you are looking for a reputable contractor to carry out tree surgery or landscaping services in Brittany please feel free to navigate around the other areas of the site which go into more detail about our company and the services we offer.

In this blog we will try to use our experience and knowledge to both entertain and inform.
Many of you reading this will be in the same position as we are, English speakers,making a new life for yourself in Brittany. The rat race of the big city has long been left behind and you find yourself with space and nature in abundance.
The rugged and wild landscape of our small corner of France is likely to have been a major factor in your decision to relocate, there’s only one problem, you didn’t consider that all this new found flora and fauna would be quite so close to home.
The garden which once provided a major attraction, is now in need of a little taming, and we’re here to help!
Follow this blog for helpful hints and tips on Tree care, Fencing, Landscaping and how to choose the right professionals and some shameless self promotion!

I hope you will find this information contained in this blog interesting, informative and entertaining.

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Grass Cutting and Lawn Care in Brittany

Grass Cutting Brittany
Thoughts on Cutting and Climate.

Brittany’s temperate climate provides ideal growing conditions for lawns and grasses.
You only have to look at the number of dairy and cattle farms in our area, to see that not only does grass survive in Brittany’s warm winters and wet summers, it positively flourishes.
But while high growth rate may be valued by the local farmers, to those of use trying to maintain a lawn at home, it can prove to be a challenge.
Holiday home owners can be especially disheartened when they return to their rural hideaway.Only to find it Hidden-away behind a screen of untamed jungle.
But what can we do? Or more importantly what should we expect? Read more

Checklist- Summer Gardening in Brittany

Summer Gardening in Brittany
5 Things to Keep you Busy if you are Gardening in Brittany This Summer

As we approach the summer solstice (20th June) and following on from my previous guide- Checklist- Spring Gardening in Brittany, this guide focuses on the trials and tribulations brought on by the hotter weather that summer brings.
A summer in Brittany can be a wonderful thing- especially from a gardeners perspective. We can look forward pleasant sunshine and gentle breezes, safe in the knowledge that we are unlikely to have the burden of constant watering and dust bowl effect that can be the scourge of those who chose to lay their roots further south.
The recent weather has been indicative of a Breton summer, for while the days have brought blue skies and bright sun, the nights have often been punctuated with thunderstorms and downpours. Isn’t it perfect when it works out like that? Read more

Checklist- Spring Gardening in Brittany

Flowers and Gardening in Brittany
5 Things to Think About this Spring

Its arrived! a few short days of sunshine have us all excited. Stepping forth finally into our gardens, bleary eyed like bears waking from hibernation.
Time is now of the essence! you are not the only one who will be looking to take advantage of the longer days and better weather that spring 2016 will hopefully bring.
All of your trees, shrubs and flowers will now jump into life, not to mention the weeds. All demanding care and attention after several months of dormancy.
So here it is, a little gift from me to you. A checklist of jobs to keep you busy this spring. Read more

Proper Pruning Part 3- The Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction Diagram

The Crown Reduction

In this series of guides I will explain the basic principles of pruning, continuing with the Crown reduction.
The diagram above shows the tree before commencement of works (1). The location of the cuts needed to carry out the procedure (2) and the final result (3).
Possibly the most useful of all pruning techniques, the crown reduction is one of the more drastic options available to arborists. It is often carried out where other less intrusive techniques would be inadequate.
In short, the crown reduction involves the shortening of some or all of the branches which make up the outer crown. Preferably these cuts should be located close to the union of a lateral branch lower down the limb. Read more

Proper Pruning Part 1- Learn the Basics

Pruning a Fruit tree

Principles of Proper Pruning.

Proper pruning will allow you to plant and maintain species which would otherwise be unsuitable for their environment.
It may also allow you to prolong the life of specimens which have developed structural problems and would otherwise have to be removed.
This guide is intended to help homeowners care for the trees on their property. It sets out very basic guidelines of how to prune without having a detrimental effect on the health of the trees they are working on. Read more

Proper Pruning Part 2- The Crown Lift

Crown Lift TLB Services Elagage

The Crown Lift

In this series of guides I will explain the basic principles of pruning- continuing with the crown lift.
The diagram above shows the tree before commencement of works (1). The location of the cuts needed to carry out the procedure (2) and the final result (3).
The Arboricultural Association defines crown lifting as-“The removal of the lowest branches and/or preparing of lower branches for future removal”
It is carried out to increase access beneath the tree for activities such as lawn mowing or to allow more light to enter ground floor windows.
It is a useful technique in the arborists toolbox, but it is not without limitations. Read more

The Big Secret of Firewood

Firewood Stacked in Brittany
Some woods burn hot, others burn fast and some burn slow, the big secret of firewood is simple however……they all burn.

Since arriving in Finisteré, I have been astounded by the attitude towards the free fuel that arises from my work as a tree surgeon. In the UK people would stop in the street to make sure that after a tree removal, the wood was put to good use. If the client didn’t have an open fire or wood stove, it was certain that a neighbour or friend would be grateful to profit from the result of my days work.
In Brittany, it appears things are a little different. There seems to be a belief that only 2 or 3 species are make useful firewood. Perhaps this is due to the fact that there are so many more trees here, meaning the locals can afford to be more selective in their choice of fuel. Read more

Your Guide to Choosing a Tree Care Professional

Tree Surgeon V Amateur
Its only cutting a tree! how hard can it be? Often the famous last words just before the greenhouse/shed/house is flattened into something resembling flat pack IKEA furniture.

To avoid this unsavory scenario you could decide to bring in a professional to carry out the work. But how do you sort the cowboys from the climbers?
As in any industry, the tree care business in Brittany has its fair share of Walter Mittys, trying to ‘fake it until they make it’. Read more