Fencing – Installation and Repairs

Your privacy and security are important, and as the saying goes, good fences make good neighbours. Whether you require domestic fencing for added privacy, a boundary to keep your pets in, or agricultural fencing for pest protection, TLB Services Elagage has the knowledge, experience and equipment needed to provide you with the solution to your needs. Listed below is just a selection of the types of fencing we offer:

  • Close board, Feather edge - Suitable for domestic applications, providing a solid boundary and added privacy, available in heights from 0.6m-2.0m
  • Chain link-Interwoven wire mesh, often used as a budget solution for security or containment needs. Available with galvanized or PVC coating. Using either concrete or timber posts.
  • Picket- A decorative option which allows wind to pass through freely. Solid timber construction best used for heights between 0.6m-1.2m.
  • Post and rail- Commonly used in equine settings, can also be an effective method of delineating a boundary.
  • Agricultural- Including stock netting, rabbit fencing, barbed and plain wire.
  • Panels- A variety of styles, forms and heights, using either timber or concrete posts.

Here in Brittany the weather can be unpredictable and there are often high winds that could damage fencing which has not been correctly installed. We are experienced in the both the techniques and materials needed to provide you with a long lasting barrier.

We also provide tree removal and stump grinding services which are often needed in order to create a clear path for new fencing, to find out more please visit our
Tree Surgeon-Pruning and Removals page.

If you wish to arrangement an appointment for a free quote, simply go to our contact page.