Looking for a Tree Surgeon in Brittany?

We specialise in tree surgery, pruning and complete tree removals.
We have all the equipment needed to ensure that the job runs smoothly.
By employing a tree surgeon to remove or prune neglected trees, you can create space and light that you never knew you had. Tree surgery is a complicated and dangerous industry. It requires skill and specialist knowledge.
When you hire a tree surgeon it is important to ensure that they have been trained in safe working practices in order to prevent damage to the tree, property or equipment.
We offer the following tree care services:

  • Felling- Complete removal of the entire tree, down to ground level.
  • Dismantling- Removal of the tree from the top down. A technique often used where space is limited and felling isn't an option. Usually involves climbing with rope and harness which requires specialist training.
  • Pruning- Including removal of dead wood, crown lifting and thinning, removal of problem branches and crown reductions.
  • Clearance- Complete garden and site clearance.
  • Stump Removal- Is now easy with the use of specialist equipment. Stump grinders make short work of what would have taken many hours with a spade or mini digger. 
  • Wood Chipping- Easy and environmentally friendly waste removal. Using our Greenmech wood chipper we can produce up to 6 cubic metres of quality chip per hour. Please see our Wood Chip and Fire wood page.
  • Storm Damage- We provide a 24/7 call out service for emergency situations.
    (06 62 57 58 82).

Should you wish to arrange an appointment for a free, no obligation quote, simply visit our contact page.