Wood Chip and Firewood

We recommend to our clients that they retain any firewood or wood chip which arises from our work for their personal use. However there are times when to do so would be inconvenient or impractical, on such occasions, we offer them free of charge to people within the local area. 

Please use this form to register your interest in receiving our by-products
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Listed below are the terms and conditions of this service, please take the time to read them before submitting your details:

  • Collection of material is strictly limited to when TLB Services Elagage personnel are present at the work site.
  • Where delivery is necessary, it is only offered within 10km of the work site and may incur a small fuel charge.
  • Delivery is offered for loads between 1m3-2m3 (35ft3-70ft3) I.E Loads which occupy an area roughly of 2m x 1m x 1m (7ft x 3ft x 3ft)
  • You must have an appropriately sized, easily accessed area available in which to unload.
  • You must be present to help unload when we deliver.
  • Wood chip-May be of mixed species, and will often contain a mix of leaf and wood material; the green matter will decompose quickly and will likely have disappeared within a few weeks.
  • Firewood-Unless otherwise agreed firewood will be un-cut, unseasoned and un-split. Trunks and branches will be varied in length and may be up to 2 metres long at the time of collection/delivery.
  • You will be notified of the species present, however loads may be mixed.

Should any of these terms or conditions prove to be unacceptable to you, simply notify us via email and we will remove your details from the register.